Welcome to the Colony

   After gnawing and clawing our way out of captivity, BadRabbit has finally broken free and is on the loose! 
  Now wild and possibly feral, we are coming to your town - to bring you the best original alt country/rock  around. Please check out the pix, tunes, videos and upcoming shows!





        J.P. - Vox, Guitar 
Jes - Drums

Sean - Guitar
 Brent - Bass
   Cate - Vox, Keys

   The pre-pandemic brain child of JP  and Sean,  BadRabbit has grown by leaps and bounds all the way into 2022. After recruiting rhythm-section veterans Jes , Brent , and finally Cate on the keys. JP and Sean quickly dropped all their pandemic songs on the others, and faster than a jackrabbit on a date, they got to work. The result so-far has been some of the most wide-ranging, satisfying and just plain fun songs they’ve ever collaborated on. 

   Songwriter and Arkansas son JP is all about three things - family, music and "doing redneck shit". Oh, and whiskey. And he'sgood at all four of em! Inspired by the Beatles at a young age, his knack for innovative and authentic lyrics is remarkable, by any standard. 

   Put on the musical path by his own percussionist father (Edward Bradley), drummer and Tallahassee boy Jes keeps the rest of these guys in line and on time. Onstage and off, he’s the kind of guy who’s always got your back. A huge Stevie Wonder fan, he’s never at a loss for coming up with a killer beat. 

   Avowed Deadhead and songwriter Sean learned to smoke some mean-ass ribs in his hometown of Memphis, which is also where he learned to shred that guitar! His taste in and knowledge of reggae is impeccable, and for the record…  he's pretty damn good at whiskey too. 

   Hailing from the one and only Motown, Brent first picked up a bass at age 13 and quickly and unexpectedly turned into a Metalhead. Exposed daily growing up to jazz, classical, big band, folk and even opera by his father, he has developed a style the band likes to call… “interesting”. 

   Armed with an incredible voice and a really cool-ass keyboard, nobody works harder than Cate. Blessed with a natural talent for vocal harmonies and an abiding love for Patsy Cline, she is the linchpin of  BadRabbit. Not to mention she makes the best damn cheese dip you ever tasted!




is available for bookings.
Please email us at:  badrabbitwnc@gmail.com 
Or call/text:  JP 828-767-1786  or Jes 828-231-9219